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Non Fiction

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  1. *** Biographies & Memoirs, True Crime, History
  2. *Fixed: Dope sacks, dye packs, and the long welcome back by Doug Piotter. Price: Free. Genre: Memoirs, Crime & Criminals. Rated: 4.9 stars on 29 Reviews. 346 pages. ASIN: B0150I4HTQ.
  3. *17 Sheikh Hamza Street, Cairo: A Middle Eastern Historical Fiction (Memories From Egypt) by Avraham Bar-Av (Bentata), Susann Codish. Price: Free. Genre: Africa, Middle East, North Africa, Teen & Young Adult, Biography, Ethnic & National, Memoirs, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Biographical, Family Life. Rated: 4.7 stars on 17 Reviews. 387 pages. ASIN: B00V86LX88.
  4. *Anneewakee: One Boy’s Journey by Steve Salem Evans. Price: Free. Genre: Memoirs, Teen & Young Adult, Biography. Rated: 5 stars on 6 Reviews. 288 pages. ASIN: B00VDTFQ74.
  5. *Prunes for Breakfast: One Man’s War Based on a True Story by John Searancke. Price: Free. Genre: Memoirs, Nonfiction, World War II, Army, Military & Spies. Rated: 5 stars on 5 Reviews. 270 pages. ASIN: B015SNYARW.
  6. Spain: By Locals FULL COUNTRY GUIDE – A Spain Travel Guide Written By A Local: The Best Travel Tips About Where to Go and What to See in Spain (Spain, … Spanish Travel Guide, Spanish Travel) by Spanish Locals. Price: Free. Genre: Excursion Guides, General, Specialty Travel. Rated: 4 stars on 15 Reviews. 140 pages. ASIN: B013ISGV4Y.
  7. *** Non-Fiction, Parenting, Self Help, Manifestation
  8. *Self-Disciplined Dieter: How to Lose Weight and Become Healthy Despite Cravings and Weak Willpower (Deal, Not Free) by Martin Meadows. Price: $0.99. Genre: Healthy Living Book Deal, Sponsor, Dieting, Eating Disorders & Body Image, Healthy Living. Rated: 4.8 stars on 14 Reviews. 142 pages. ASIN: B0195BEVK4. Reviewers like it: A solid book on eating the right stuff, kicking cravings and feeling great again! It is a great book that is focused, not on the short term goal of losing a few pounds, but extending to the long term – and how we can keep the weight off even years later! The book is supported by lots of examples and backed up by research. Pure, actionable advice with no fluff! Packed with solid information! The explanations, ideas and strategies can give an excellent defense against the attack of the holiday goodies! Eye-opening! Another helpful book! A good place to start learning about dieting! If you struggle with your weight, take time to read this book!

Biographies & Memoirs Best New Free Kindle Books

Non Fiction

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  1. *** Biographies & Memoirs, True Crime, History
  2. *Perfect for Him (Deal, Not Free) by Suzanne Jenkins. Price: $2.99. Genre: Breast Cancer Fiction Story Deal, Sponsor, Medical Fiction. Rated: 4.6 stars on 20 Reviews. 326 pages. ASIN: B017BWPODW. Reviewers love it: Please allow yourself to experience one of the best books I have read!  This is a very fine read! This book needs more than 5 stars! I highly recommend this book! You will want to read it over and over!
  3. **Rush To Destiny (Deal, Not Free) by L. J. MARTIN. Price: $0.99. Genre: Biographical Fiction Deal, Sponsor, History of United States. Rated: 4.6 stars on 46 Reviews. 440 pages. ASIN: B004183XHE. Reviewers like it: Historical Novel combined with great adventure! A great read! This book is for anyone who loves a good story! The author blends history and great adventure in such away as to make it hard to put this book down! Amazingly interesting! Wonderful recounting of the life and exploits of one of the American West’s most significant explorers! I highly recommend this book to anyone with even the slightest interest in the history of our great country!
  4. *Rhetoric by Aristotle. Price: Free. Genre: Greek & Roman. Rated: 4.6 stars on 15 Reviews. 142 pages. ASIN: B009V184SO.
  5. *2 Great Presidents, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy Inspirational Quotes To Help You To Shape Your Mind For A Better Life by Zakari Dotchamou. Price: Free. Genre: Presidents & Heads of State, Human Rights, US Presidents, Politics & Social Sciences. Rated: 4.7 stars on 7 Reviews. 123 pages. ASIN: B0181DH6XG.
  6. The Horde from Pacific to Atlantic (History: Fiction or Science? Book 8) by Anatoly Fomenko, Gleb Nosovskiy, Mike Yagoupov. Price: Free. Genre: History & Philosophy. Rated: 4.2 stars on 5 Reviews. 334 pages. ASIN: B0130WMBTC.
  7. Advertise Life to Yourself by Svati Singh. Price: Free. Genre: Coming of Age. Rated: 5 stars on 4 Reviews. 248 pages. ASIN: B00UAZ35GQ.